Glühwein, Spekulatius, Lebkuchen - to sum up: Christmas Party

How did you score?


Money, Money, Money

Christmas cards are on their way!

Women in science: the complete picture

Zebrafish "platform" has moved to the IIEG

Plannings for the new research building are on track

Christmas party at San Marco with the TableQuiz-Master

Ranking is everything!?

Farewell to Michele

Gone with the wind

Last NCCR meeting in 2013

24 days to Christmas

From Nature to Yellow Press

Redouane visiting University Moulay Ismail in Morocco

A heart of ...

Interview in VISITE

TV is visiting the IIEG

Nature paper is online!!!

Yeaahh its over ….......!!!!

Countdown - only 6 hours left

Happy and we know it!

Biomedical Students' Symposium at the IIEG

Just a rainy and stormy afternoon at the IIEG in Lübeck

When "neuro" meets "cardio" .........

Maternity Leave

Congratulations to the "IIEG Runners"