Christmas party at San Marco with the TableQuiz-Master

This year we wanted to celebrate our christmas party different from all the other years. 
One of our colleagues suggested to engage "The TableQuiz-Master" for this evening (many thanks to Ingrid for this excellent idea!).
First, we had yummy dinner at San Marco, a local Italian restaurant. Afterwards we had two very entertaining, funny, and even challenging hours playing four rounds of a Quiz. 
Divided in 5 groups with each having 4-5 members we were asked to answer questions covering different fields of knowledge: geography, film, literature, music, biology, politics, and yellow press.

In the end the team "WesserBisser" won! Yippee!

Guess who teamed up as the "WesserBisser"?  ;-)



  1. Only simple questions like: Is it more crowded in Lübeck or in Greenland?


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