Ranking is everything!?

Today, the German Journal "Laborjournal" published a list of the most often cited German scientists in the field of Human Genetics (2007-2010).

The complete list can be found here
And, an online editorial can be found here

Among the top 50 researchers from Germany you will find 5 colleagues from the University of Lübeck. This is a really great success and it shows that Genomics/Genetics is a very important research focus at our University!

Andreas Ziegler (10.) 
Inke König (12.) 
Jeanette Erdmann (14.) 
Peter Pramstaller (15.) 
Christine Klein (39.)

However, the completeness of this list can be questioned because some important people are missing, for example Heribert Schunkert, Andre Franke, Philipp Rosenstiel, just to name a few.

Nevertheless, for our Focus Program: Medical Genetics this is a very important success.