Biomedical Students' Symposium at the IIEG

From October 31th until November 3th the University of Lübeck hosts the 8th Biomedical Students’ Symposium. 
This year the topic for this occassion is: "From infection to Therapy - Trends in Virology" (more details can be found here). As part of this Symposium several workshops have been organized by different institutions of the University (a list of all workshops is available here). The people from the IIEG (special thanks go to Jaafar, Redouane, Maria, Sandra, Benedikt, Michaela, Christoph, Marlon, Caro, and Michele) have organized a workshop about "Heart and Heredity", the research topic of our Institute.
We started with a brief introductory talk about our main projects.
In three smaller groups we than explained in more detail different aspects of our work at the IIEG. 
1. in-silico understanding of the genome (Benedikt and Michaela)
2. Understanding the principle of molecular genetics (Christoph and Sandra)
3. Understanding mouse anatomy (Jaafar, Redouane, Maria, Marlon, Caro, and Michele)
Participants of the workshop and staff of the IIEG. 

We all hope that the students enjoyed the few hours in our institute. 
Maybe we have attracted some of them to ask for a Bachelor/Master thesis.
Just write an e-mail or give us a call!