Redouane visiting University Moulay Ismail in Morocco

It´s a great pleasure for me to share with you one of the best moments I had the last few days at my university (University Moulay Ismail, Faculty of Sciences) in the city of Meknes, Morocco. 

When I entered the campus of the university I remembered all previous time I had here as an undergraduate student. 


I met some of my previous teachers and students from the 5th Semester. They were all very kind and curious about my research carrier. I spent some moments with them to answer some questions. They asked about research in Germany. Also they asked how to apply for a DAAD scholarship, as they know that I’m a DAAD scholarship holder.

 From right to left (Prof. Diouri, me, Prof. Hafidi, Prof. Moumni, PhD student)

The students were very interested in what we are doing at the IIEG and asked for the possibility to get some training in our laboratory. More interestingly I was very surprised and very happy to hear that some of the students know some publications from Jeanette and presented her work during some courses especially in the field of DNA sequencing and genetics.

One of the laboratories at the university 

 A PhD Student in the Lab. during performing her experiment in microbiology.

Good time is always running very quick. I remembered when I spent my time there until late in the evening preparing for exams.