Yesterday, I attended the "Hypertonie und Praevention" meeting in Muenster. But let's start at the beginning.

JE was asked to give a talk at the yearly meeting "Hypertonie und Praevention", which is organized by the german hypertension association the so called "Deutsche Hochdruckliga". Unfortunately, JE was not able to attend and asked me to fill in for her. This however on very short notice.
Being asked to go to Muenster on Wednesday, I packed my things in the evening and took the train at noon on Thursday. The talk was on friday morning in the first session.

Checking in to a nice hotel in the center of Muenster, the receptionist and me had some problems to find my reservation. Neither my nor JE name could be found. But after a while we got creative and started to combine the two names. With an additional typo, we finally succeeded.

Similar problems occurred during registration on friday morning. But fortunately, being there in good time, I got my name badge (again however with a typo) and my presentation into the system.

The morning session was really nice and I heard very interesting talks about proteomics as biomarkers for hypertension. This is a very interesting field, the peptide levels, for example in the serum or in the urine, are analyzed both for diagnosis and to unravel the mechanisms and pathways causing the disease.

I had the third talk and I hope I did a good job as a substitute.