OSSD Meeting in Calgary

For the first time our institute was represented at the annual OSSD conference this year. The OSSD or Organization for the Study of Sex Differences founded by the Society for Women's Health Research, as the name suggests, focuses on all aspects of differences between men and women. What is special about this format is that it is not tied to a specific topic, but really all topics around sex differences are covered and represented, whether it is differences in the cardiovascular field, differences in the immune system or differences in the central nervous system.

The conference was really great and very progressive, there was a lot of discussion about understanding the differences between sex and gender and the inclusion of both topics in research. Even today, too many scientific stuides are still very unbalanced when it comes to considering sex and gender. Yet these differences have an enormous impact on results and our understanding of interactions.

Another great thing about the conference was meeting a lot of new scientists from very different fields who are also working on sex differences and are very active in the field. 

The conference was held in beautiful Calgary, Canada. The next conference will be held for the first time in Europe, in Bergen, Norway.