Visiting Scientist in Potsdam


For three months I joined the Institute for Biochemistry and Biology, Department Animal Physiology at the University of Potsdam as a visiting scientist.

Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Salim Seyfried and Dr. rer. nat. Maximillian Breuer I learned several new methods for my Ph.D. thesis soon to be finishes. Among others I learned to perform whole-mount in situ hybridization in zebrafish 18 – 120 hours post fertilization (hpf).

Among others I also learned to perform whole-mount Alcian blue staining and Phalloidin staining of zebrafish 120 hpf as well as cLSM imaging.

The scientific exchange, friendly environment and beautify city created a great experience working in a zebrafish lab. Now I plan to establish these methods in our own lab.