ICG meets CureCMD in Nashville

After an invitation from CureCMD, we participated in the SciFam2022 conference from June 30 - July 03. The first two days were the Scientific Symposium, where we could exchange ideas with many scientists who are also working on the collagen 6 topic. 

This gave us a chance to have interesting and inspiring discussions. Day 3 and 4 started with the Family Conference, where we had the opportunity to meet and talk with people who are affected by Collagen 6. 

This part of the conference emphasized for us the importance of our work and also strengthened our motivation to continue working on the topic.

A presentation was given by Franziska Haarich, who presented her research on "CRISPRoff as a treatment strategy for COLVI-CMD". 

A poster was presented by Nadine Odenthal, who is investigating the impact of a collagen 6a2 mutation in zebrafish. 

This opportunity helped us to create a scientific exchange also in our research. 

In a podium discussion, Jeanette was virtually available to answer questions from the affected families.

We thank CureCMD for funding our research and inviting us to this incredible Meeting.