How to become a PhD student - a jGBM event

Last evening (November 9, 2021), Pashmina and I, gave a presentation at an event organized by JGBM. The topic under consideration was “How to become a PhD student” and there were two other presenters in-addition to us. I was very glad that Jeanette joined us for the event as it is always good to have a familiar face in the audience. Overall, the experience was very refreshing, but I wish there comes a time when I am able to see the audience live. An online experience is easy, from the comforts of your own home or office, but it cannot compensate a live interaction with an audience where you read people’s body language and respond accordingly. The interesting thing about the presentations were that all four of us had encountered different challenges on the way and had a different take on the topic. It was indeed good to revisit that why we all started on the path to get a PhD in the first place. I hope this event helped deciding the impressionable minds if and how they should go for a PhD.