First Live Conference after 2 years - GSCN conference Dresden

 After almost 2 years I attended my first live conference in the beautiful city of Dresden. After beeing "locked up" for almost 2 years due to Corona the idea of beeing in a room with a couple of hundred people honestly made me a bit nervous. However, an excellent hygiene concept (2G + daily tests) and a great organisation relaxed the situation and I quickly adapted. It was great seeing everyone in person again and to chat in person to colleagues, industrial partners and (future) collaborators.

This year, some of the speakers needed to be introduced online due to Corona. Nevertheless, this worked fine and enabled great talks, especially keynote lectures from speakers like Janet Rossant and Takanori Takebe. Further, a new session on organoids was given with inspiring talks.

On the first day, Undine (Haferkamp), a former Master student and current external PhD student gave a talk on her iPSC-model for blood-brain-barriers as a COVID model, which was highly interested.

I also presented a poster on our vascular organoids with a lot of options to overthink and discuss this new project.

I really enjoyed this years personal conference and was glas for the team of the GSCN for their quick organisation after a change of venue under the current circumstances.