Institute´s retreat - hopefully the last time virtually

On June 1-2, 2021, the Institute for Cardiogenetics conducted its 6th annual retreat, comprising of 20 fantastic talks about the ongoing scientific projects from Post Docs to Bachelors students covering animal models to cell culture and Bioinformatics, 2 breakout sessions open for discussions about science/team work, new ideas and constructive critics, and later ending the day 1 with a group event where we all played an online game “among-us” which was indeed fun and helped in socializing different sections of the Institute like the wet lab and the dry lab.

Like the last year, this year’s retreat was also conducted virtually, despite the fact that we could not meet in person we still had a pleasant time thanks to the agenda design, and multiple interactive sessions and the group event.

The dynamic of the group is really becoming very special and we are looking forward to the next event at the Institute. 

At the end of the event (day 2), this year instead of a photo quiz we had an award event for the 3 best presentations, judged by our post-docs which I really liked. Although there were many amazing talks and it was a tough competition but the three best talks of this year were from Franziska Haarich (1st place), Viviana Vedder (2nd place) and Chantal Jaspert (3rd place). Special congratulations to them from everyone.

In addition, the technical assistants impressed everyone with a great group presentation. All in all, all the presentations were very special in their own way.

To conclude, we had amazing 2 days where we all got an insight of all the interesting research questions being answered in our institute, and the “fun sessions” during the retreat really nurtured the team spirit. I am looking forward to our next year’s retreat which seems to be in Person.