First trip after the pandemic started - Berlin

I went to the liveable city of Berlin for the FELASA-Animal Course. 
It was a great opportunity. The FELASA-Animal Course is a 40-hour course on handling Laboratory Animals. For me personally, it was my ever first experience in dealing with lab rodents. This course is important for learning how to handle animals in the laboratory ethically and with care.
However, the highest priority is following the 3R rule: Replacement, Reduction and Refinement.
I learned very effectively during these three days and went on a mesmerizing sight seeing tour the last day before returning back to Lübeck. 
I visited the East part of Berlin, the East Side Gallery, the Berliner Dom and the West part where the main buildings of the Reichstag and the Brandenburger Tor are. 
My tour ended with a beautiful 2-hour boat trip on the River Spree. 
All in all, a tremendous experience.