ICG joins the 2021 SciFam Conference

Cure CMD was founded in 2008 by three parents whose children were affected by Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. Through close collaboration with researchers, clinicians, families, and generous supporters, Cure CMD has achieved significant impact in its first decade as a nonprofit organization. The ICG is happy to receive funding from Cure CMD for our ColVI research. 

Over the next two days the 2021 Virtual SciFam conference takes place. Today with a dedicated Col6 panel discussion - more than 50 researchers and interested patients or parents joined the lively discussion.

Nadine and Franzi uploaded a poster about their PhD projects. Always good to reach out to the public with research ideas and projects. 

I´m very thankful to Franzi, Nadine, Viviana, and Alina for their interest & work on the Col6 project.