Stem cell science in my living room

From 3rd till 5th of March I participated  in the SY Stem symposium from Vienna. 

Over a year ago the Corona Pandemic arrived in Europe turning life and work as we knew it upside down. Among many other conferences and meetings, the SY Stem symposium had to be cancelled due to the pandemic in 2020. We hoped everything would be back to normal "next time". However, we are still facing heavy restrictions in our private life and our work life. Therefore, travelling to Vienna again this spring was not possible for all of us. Hence, I was happy, the symposium could take place at least virtually.

I really enjoyed 3 great days of stem cell science from around the world at my current work space in my living room. I learned so much about embryonic development, new organoid systems and applications in disease treatment and had a great time networking via REMO. Additionally, organizers tried to transport some Vienna flair via the virtual connection and started, as well as ended the symposium with some terrific classical music which Vienna is famous for.

However, I hope we finally can meet in person again next year and I am honestly looking forward to that (Even though conferences without travelling have charme too).