NCCR Christmas Meeting in the Remo Event Arena

Traditionally the NCCR Christmas meeting always takes place in Lübeck. 

Normally, after the presentations there is always the opportunity to visit the Lübeck Christmas market and then to have dinner together. 

This year we had to plan completely different. It should be something special, not a usual zoom meeting or webinar. After some research Nadine found the company GeoBound.

GeoBound, as an event planner normally not virtual on the road, organized the Remo Event Arena, a very suitable "location" for our Christmas meeting.
Despite initial technical difficulties that were solved by improvisation, it was a scientifically very interesting meeting.  


We would like to thank the speakers: Norbert Hübner, Malte Spielmann and Jan Wenzel. 

And next year´s Christmas meeting will hopefully be a F2F meeting.