Stem Cell go virtual - GSCN conference 2020

 The last three days I participated  in the annual conference of the German Stem Cell Network (GSCN), as I have done over the last years. However, nothing has been as usual. Due to the Corona-Pandemic we were forced to change to an online format, as other conferences this year too. This brought quite some new challenges especially for us as contributors and was a really exciting experience.

I was very honoured that I was selected for a short talk, chosen from the abstracts, giving me the opportunity to share the data of my PhD thesis with the stem cell community. The talk was pre-recorded and shown at the session and we were afterwards invited in a live-session for Q&A. Of course I was very nervous, as we had around 80 visitors at the time (which seems a lot for your first ever conference talk ;) ).

 Besides some technical difficulties I really enjoyed this unusual conference format, especially in regards to reduced travelling, and learned a lot from the various talks and terrific keynote lectures from stem cell experts around the world.

Further, I was very happy seeing that our former Master student Undine Haferkamp was awarded with a poster prize for her work.

 Now, I am really looking forward to 2 stem cell meetings coming up next year where we hopefully can meet in person again.