The move into the BMF building is in full swing

Since a few days it cannot be denied, our move into the new research building BMF is imminent.
Thanks many helpers from the university and the UKSH, the relocation logistics are in place. 
How many people are involved in the moves of various institutes only became clear to us during one of the last virtual meetings. 

The Corona Pandemic also makes the move a special challenge. To completely pack up a laboratory under the current distance rules is not that easy.

I am very grateful to the whole team that everything is going very well so far.

For myself everything is still a bit unreal, since I haven't been back to the institute since mid-March and I haven't been able to say goodbye to my old office yet. 
Mid-March, I would not have thought that I would never work in my really beautiful office again. 
Now it looks like I am taking my first steps out of home office and directly into my new office.