Next step on our way back to normal

Efffective today, our University allows further loosening of the SARS-Cov-2 related restrictions.

This morning, we have decided to stop working strictly with two independent teams, making it a bit easier to plan experiments. 
However some rules are still to follow:
  • As much work as possible is done in home office
  • All laboratory and group meetings as well as further training courses take place online-only.
  • Working hours should be spread over the entire week
  • We will keep exact records of who is in the rooms of the institute and at what time.
  • No more than one person per 10qm in offices or labs
  • All distancing rules and hygiene measures are of course maintained (2 times cleaning of sanitary facilities/day and 2 times disinfection of door handles and surfaces in communal areas etc.)

These baby steps to a new normal are only possible, if everyone takes responsibility for themselves, but also for all others, both in work and in private.
This means that everyone should stay at home if she/he has any cold symptoms. If she/he has the feeling that they have been in situations on the weekend that could mean a higher risk of infection, please stay at home for the next few days. After business trips and holidays, please think critically about whether there has been a danger of infection.
Of course, nobody can forbid anyone to travel by plane or train, going to a demonstration or to a party, but we all should consider not only the risk we put ourself in, but also the risk we put our colleagues at. If travelling or bigger festivities are not unavoidable, I would suggest to take a few days off afterwards. Just to be sure.
If we stop working in shifts, a positive SARS-Cov-2 infection of one of us might lead to a complete shut-down of the ICG. The responsibility lies in our hands.
To be honest, I´m still a bit nervous about all this loosening.