Ten years ago: Lübeck kämpft für seine Uni

Ten years ago we actually had to fight for our University in Lübeck. 
The local government decision wanted to close down the medical course in Lübeck, which would have meant that the entire university would have been destroyed. 
Only by merging the university with the city of Lübeck under the leadership of Prof. Dominiak we were able to convince the government within months not to implement the decision.
The threat from outside has led to a much better mood inside the university. The Campus Lübeck has moved closer together and this moving together continues to this day.
Looking back, I have many good memories of the time in 2010, which of course is mainly due to the fact that it ended well.
Out of this threat the idea was born that the University of Lübeck should become a foundation university, and I support this with my position on the University's Board of Trustees.