Emergency plan at ICG

Since beginning of this week, we started our Emergency-Plan due to Covid-19 crisis at ICG, where only a maximum of 2 of 26 ICG-members are allowed to work. The rest of the team must stay home to help slowing the spread of the virus in general population.

In addition, the ICG-members need to secure the following instructions:
-       No use of public transportation
-       No close contact and keep the distance of at least 1.5-2m
-       No meeting in person, only via Phone/Video
-       Only 1 Person may be at once in the office

Thanks to Jeanette for keeping this consequently. I know that every researcher wants to move with his results or needs additional experiments for grants, papers, thesis ect., which is not possible during home office.
But the situation is very serious, and we must keep on defined rules to help slowing down the spread of the virus.

This may be accomplished only if every one of us takes responsibility for himself and for his surroundings. Home office will give us also the chance for updating papers, writing reviews and grants.
So yesterday Annett and I had to do some work to finish one of the ongoing animal experiments that started before the Corona-crisis.

With this picture we would like to share with you how it looks during our Labwork and our appeal to all the others to stay home in order to be together again very soon.

Here I would also like to thank Viviana for providing the ICG members with self-made masks. Unfortunately, my mask was too small, but fits well with Annett.