Covid-19 - Update

Since my first post about Covid-19 only 14 days have passed by. At this time two persons in Lübeck had tested positive for Covid19 and the total number of all positive tested persons was 1.137. Today 53 persons have already tested positive in Lübeck (nationwide > 20.000). 

14 days that feel much longer in self-isolation or quarantine. The situation changes worldwide within a few hours and sometimes one can hardly keep up with the changes. The social life is largely shut down. Streets become more and more deserted, now that even the last ones have understood how serious the situation is.

The ICG is trying to maintain some normality, although experiments at the institute have been reduced to a minimum. Only the most necessary work is done by the hour. We take great care to ensure that only a minimum of two people are in the institute by the hour (not in the same laboratory (!)).

However, most of the staff work in home office and we try to keep the spirit high.

I want to say thank-you to this superb and supportive team!