Thank you Philly - Leducq PlaqOmics Meeting

After a long and, for Anja and Zouhair an eventful flight from Germany to Philadelphia, we arrived to our destination for the PlaqOmics meeting (13-15 Nov).
On the first day, there were many great talks with the focus on single cell RNA sequencing of atherosclerotic plaques in both human and mice. Moreover, we discussed the role of athero-promoting transitions in vascular smooth muscles cells as well as endothelial cells in the late stage of atherosclerosis. The meeting ended on the second day with a great talk by Prof. Heribert Shunkert who walked us through GWAS through the years and a multiplicative model of risk alleles for complex traits but with no epistasis effect which was followed by a great post-presentation discussion.  An interesting, and tentatively provocative part of the discussion veered towards possible therapy application, and the implication of the non-epistasis multiplicativity characteristic proposed during the talk.