DZHK OMICs Resource is online

Since late 2014 we worked hard to get this project running: within the "DZHK OMICs Resource" sequencing project, 1,200 DNA samples based on whole genomes ("DZHK OMICs Resource DNA"), 553 DNA samples from patients with specific diseases ("DZHK OMICs Plus") and 600 RNA samples ("DZHK OMICs Resource RNA") have been sequenced and analyzed.

The sequencing of the sub-sections "DZHK OMICs Ressource DNA" and "DZHK OMICs Ressource RNA" generated a healthy control resource that will be useful for other German Health Research Centres (DZG) and beyond. DNA and RNA samples are taken from existing German epidemiological cohort studies (GHS, NOKO, HCHS, IKMB, KORA, SHIP) affiliated to various DZHK member institutions. The DNA and RNA sequencing should broaden our understanding of how genes contribute to the occurrence of a disease.
The data set contains approximately 48 million variants. 

All data are released for the benefit of the wider biomedical community without restriction on use. 

In addition to the DNA and RNA sequence data resource, the subproject "DZHK OMICs Plus" also carries out whole genome sequencing of patient samples with pronounced cardiovascular diseases at the DZHK member institution German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). This is done because it is of central importance to compare the controls with extreme disease phenotypes in order to be able to identify genetic risks at all.

The analysis of the genome sequences took place for internal comparison in two centres: in L├╝beck and Munich. Our special thanks go to Tim Strom and his team in Munich.