Genome Editing using CRISPR Symposium - September 4th - 6th 2019, Berlin

Now, we are eager to expand and enhance our CRISPR technology with pluripotent stem cells in our lab! We spend three days at the Humboldt-University of Berlin with a bunch of great pioneers of the CRISPR-Cas field, including Emmanuelle Charpentier (Berlin), Anita Marchfelder (Ulm), and Malcolm White (UK) – to name only a few fantastic visionaries. 
A keynote lecture held by Emmanuelle Charpentier was a great opportunity for non-CRISPR scientists to get an overview of the beginning years and the great success of the CRISPR-Cas gene editing era – unbelievable what has been made possible in genetic research within such a short time since 2012. 
The combination or bioengineering of different Cas orthologues may push the field even further towards a versatile, efficient and biologically safe gene therapy in order to combat rare monogenic or even complex polygenic inheritable diseases.