Einstein visited our Institute

Exciting day at the ICG!

A team from the TV station SRF1 in Swiss did a film shooting for the science TV show "Einstein" at our institute. 

It is about polygenic risk scores (PRS) and our research to understand cardiovascular diseases.

From the Einstein website (translated from German to English): 

Trend Genetic tests: oracles in the genome
26 million people have already done it, and the number is growing. To do a genetic test is hip. From the diet type to disease risks, there is hardly anything that cannot be tested. Tobias Müller wants to know what such a lifestyle test can do and faces up to the genetic oracle.
Moderation: Tobias Müller

Don't forget to switch on SRF1 on Thursday 24.10.2019 at 22:25 (link). 

Thanks to the EINSTEIN team and also to Zouhair and Maren for showing our zebrafish platform. And last but not least, to Matthias who calculated the PRS.