Diving into industrial cell-based biotechnology

Last Thursday and Friday, we (Maren, Beatrice and Anja) attended the "10. Symposium für Industrielle Zelltechnik", organized by the Fraunhofer EMB in Lübeck. We heard very inspiring talks about the use of cell-based biotechnology in industry, for example in food, cosmetics or patient-specific medicine. On Thursday afternoon we really enjoyed talks from young start-up companies, and during the coffee break we visited the lab-truck and the lab-ship of the Fraunhofer. Really cool to see standard lab equipment paired with field equipment on very small room.

On Thursday night we enjoyed a musical cabaret, followed by delicious dinner at the get together.
Friday we started early, listening to interesting and inspiring talks again, followed by a very interesting podiums discussion. The last session was dedicated to international speakers, showing work for example in wound healing, that really stunned us.
Alltogether we really enjoyed the meeting, as we could see and experience how far cell-based biotechnology is already in use in the industry. For me the meeting reminded me that we in academia are a very small, yet important part of cell-based biotechnology and for the transition from lab to application. And it reminded me that sometimes, we should embrace and follow ideas that seem a little to crazy right now, but might be the way to a resolution. I really re-opened my mind again during this symposium and will recommend it for future PhDs and students to take a look.