COMMA SOFT @ UniLübeck

Today at 11:00 a.m. in the MFC1 a lecture with the title "AI-driven single cell RNA-seq analytics" of the company COMMA SOFT from Bonn took place. 

On the one hand, the lecture was of great importance because of the scientific questions behind it. 

On the other hand it had a special meaning for me, because one of the speakers, besides Henning Dickten (head of life science), was Benedikt Reiz.

Of course, attentive readers of this blog know the name! 

I am his doctoral mother and was really proud to see today with what verve and expertise he worked his way into COMMA SOFT in his first year.

The portfolio of services offered was very convincing, although difficult to use in an academic setting. 

This is why we were all the more enthusiastic about the FastGenomics pipeline!
It is free in the academic setting!!

I am pretty sure that there will be close cooperation between COMMA SOFT and the University of Lübeck in the future.