8th NCCR Retreat in Hotel Schloss Tremsbüttel

The “8th NCCR Retreat” from the DZHK Partner Site Hamburg/Kiel/Luebeck was conducted from June 28th to 29th. This retreat provided a remarkable opportunity to clinician scientists, researchers, and students to improve their understanding of the complexity of heart diseases.
The event took place at Hotel Schloss Tremsbuettel which is located in the Holstein landscape between Hamburg, Kiel, and Luebeck, which indeed was the best place for the conference and for a relaxing evening.


It was my first visit to NCCR Retreat since I joined ICG-Luebeck in 2018. Scientific sessions in a meeting covered a wide array of topics on heart diseases. The keynote lecture was given by Prof. Johann Bauersachs from Hannover, who talked about "heart failure - state of the art". Zouhair from ICG-Luebeck gave a presentation on ADAMTS7, a CAD risk gene, as a target to inhibit atherosclerosis. Several posters were also presented, and my colleagues Anja, Marlon, and Viviana gave poster presentations.
The event provides an outstanding opportunity to learn the molecular causes of myocardial diseases and cardiac insufficiency.
There were refreshment breaks between the sessions and in the evening it was a great dinner which provides an opportunity for all the participants to relax and enjoy in a beautiful environment of the castle's own restaurant. The amazing park, the building interior, and the room were fantastically beautiful. 
It was such a rewarding experience to be part of this NCCR retreat :)