How time flies. Cardiopulse article about CARDIoGRAM in EHJ

It is now 10 years since we founded CARDIoGRAM with our colleagues from allover the world.

Heribert Schunkert, me, Sekar Kathiresan, and Nilesh J Samani (from left to right) in 2008 at a Cardiogenics consortium meeting held in L├╝beck, Germany.

One of the first GWAS meta-analysis consortia worldwide, along with DIAGRAM, METASTROKE, GIANT and others.
In these 10 years we have set milestones in CAD genetics by sharing trustworthy data and ideas. From an initial risk locus (9p21) to more than 200 in 2019. However, we have not only identified new risk variants, but have also explored new pathomechanisms of CAD.
In addition to the scientific successes, friendships and cooperations that go beyond CARDIoGRAM have also formed.
The next 10 years will certainly be just as exciting!

This Cardiopulse article published in the European Heart Journal can be found here.