European Society of Human Genetics Conference in Gothenburg

The annual ESHG Conference took place this year from June 14th to 18th in Gothenburg, where Anja, Franziska and I (Marlon) travelled to. 

Our somehow turbulent outward journey began with the announcement on train that the decoy leader could not be found, following a long delay of our flight to Copenhagen. Fortunately, our connecting flight had even more delay, so that we could still get it, with the exception of Marlon's suitcase, which was unfortunately forgotten in Copenhagen.

For all those who wonder what an "Emergency Bag for Man" contains to survive the first night without luggage, here a little insight:

(Notice: a t-shirt in xxl, although I wear s)

Fortunately my suitcase was delivered the next day so that I could start the next day fresh.

The conference was very impressive with over 3500 participants. In addition to many lectures, workshops and poster sessions, there was still some time to discuss new technical innovations and possible new equipment with the exhibitors.

Fortunately, in addition to all the presentations and discussions, we also found an hour to visit the city by boat, which seems to be a social convention in Gothenburg. The reason for this is that the city used to be one of Sweden's most important ports as a gateway to the sea.

The most interesting topics at the ESHG were the new methods in the genetic industry, as well as many new results on genetic architecture and the progression and development of diseases. In addition, there were also very debated discussions about the role of media and science, as well as ethical aspects in the genetic society. One of the most exciting speeches was the closing keynote by Craig Venter, the man who first sequenced a complete human genome.

It was really a great trip and we took a lot with us. We are also looking forward to the next ESHG Conference in Berlin 2020.