1st retreat of the newly established Cluster of Excellence „PMI"

The 1st retreat of the newly established Cluster of Excellence „Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation (PMI)“ took place at the Maritim ClubHotel, located in a short distance from the fine sandy beach of the Ostsee, on a small hill.

The retreat started with a brief introduction given by Prof. Schreiber highlighting different projects and networking within the PMI groups. It is about the use of Schleswig Holstein proximity to work more competitive together. The PMI includes 8 Institutions at 5 locations covering different aspects with excellent skills with a common aim to improve the long-term clinical outcome mostly in Gut and Skin but also covering other tissues such as Joints, Lung and Heart.
We enjoyed in the first day highly interesting talks from 5 Clinical Demenstrators (CDs) and 4 Targets Innovation Projects (TIs) and a Keynote Speech given by Prof. Dr. med Dragun from BIH Charité Berlin entitled: “Clinician scientists - evolving career path in academic medicine“.
Prof. Dragun highlighted the plethora of career possibilities for physicians. Not only working at the hospital or in a private practice but also becoming Professor, Academic physician, Pharma, Consulting, Management, Applied biomedical sciences, Media and Clinician Scientists.
Up-to-date a clinician scientist needs to cover, in addition to medicine background, knowledge not only in molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry but also computational sciences. 

Another interesting talk was given by Mark Ellrichmann and Jennifer Hundt on the use of in vivo optical imaging in patients with gastrointestinal tract diseases. They beautifully presented that how in vivo optical imaging is particularly advantageous in early detection of Barett s espoghagou, gastric cancer and colorectal cancer. They also showed that how it will be used in the quantification of severity of IBD.
In general, the program was organised for the clinical scientists to bridge the gap between science and medicine.