Prof.Dr. Jinnah's talk on Genotype-Phenotype correlation in neurological disease

The ICG has gained its research reputation via Cardio-related disease however, to be successful in science collaboration is key.  As such, we are also involved with other Institutes that are focused on neurological disease.

Due to this, I had the pleasure to attend a talk by Prof. Dr. Hyder Jinnah from Emory University, USA entitled: “Genotype-Phenotype correlations in movement disorders”.

He discussed with examples, of the three main types of Genotype-Phenotype relationships:

1.  From a genotype is linked to a phenotype (one-to-one relationship)
2.  Pleiotropy, where from a genotype you can find many phenotypes (one -to- many relationship)
3.  Genetic heterogeneity where from a variety of genotypes you can find similar phenotypes  (many-to-“one”)

To end Prof. Jinnah discussed the clinical relevance of the different Genotype-Phenotype relationships and downstream options when selecting diagnostics tests.