On a Sunday at noon at the town hall of Lübeck

Yesterday, I was invited to give a public lecture at the town hall of Lübeck at noon. 
The town hall and the "Audienzsaal" are very historic places. 
According to our tourist information, the Lübeck Town Hall is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful town halls in Germany. 
A guided tour of the town hall is an absolute must when visiting Lübeck! 
From 1230, three gabled houses were built on the market square, which were extended several times in the following centuries: the Hansaal for meetings and the Danzelhus (dance hall) for social meetings.
Inside, the magnificent "Audienzsaal" awaits you: don't be surprised that the doors to this former courtroom are of different heights.  The defendants who had been acquitted were allowed to leave the hall through the high door, the defendants had to walk with their heads bowed through the low door.

The topic of my lecture was not "cardio genetics" but "rare diseases and (potential) therapies". 
This topic is quite personal because of my own rare disease and our project on development of therapies for Col6 myopathies.