A busy day at the Institute for Cardiogenetics

Today, we had quite a busy day at our institute.
It all started with a two-hours photo session for new group photos and portraits.
We have some new team members starting in March/April, this is why our website needs a refresh.

After the photo-session with the complete team we took the opportunity to held our annual safety instruction lesson (done by Zouhair and Tobias).

Afterwards Ilyas invited us to a traditional brunch from Pakistan to celebrate his little babygirl. We brought some presents for the baby and hope to welcome his wife and babygirl soon in L├╝beck.

The food was very delicious and we are now all set and done ;-)

It is now very difficult to concentrate on polygenic risk scores in a video conference with colleagues in Bonn and Marburg. I feel strongly that I need some coffee. ;-)

And the day is not ended yet, because we will have our monthly PhD meeting this afternoon.