Girl´s day 2019

You realize that another year has passed when events repeat themselves. 
Today it happened again: "Girl´s Day 2019", a beloved tradition at the Institute for Cardiogenetics.

This year we had 7 registrations from girls aged 14 and over who are interested in science and medicine.  
The day started with an opening event by the UKSH on workplace safety and data protection. Then the individual institutes/clinics took over the participants.
At our institute, we started with a short introduction to the structure of the institute and its research objectives. Then we went to the laboratory in two groups.
Equipped with lab coats - which did not exactly win a fashion prize - DNA was isolated in the laboratory and made visible in agarose gel using UV light. Work in the cell culture laboratory was also presented. 

After three hours of intensive laboratory work, lunch was served in the mensa. The aim is to get to know student life in its entirety. ;-)

We very much hope that we have left a lasting impression and would be happy if one or the other would take a path towards cardiogenetics. You are always welcome!
Many thanks to Marina, Tobias, Sandra, Petra, Annett, Anja, and Beatrice for organizing and taking care!