Fantastic Stem Cell Science in beautiful Vienna

From last Thursday until Saturday (MArch 21st-23rd) I attended the 2nd Sy-Stem Symposium at the IMBA Vienna. Truely great and inspiring lectures about pluripotency, totipotency, reprogramming and differentiation as well as organoids, adult stem cells and ageing/regeneration were held and opened insights into decades of stem cell research. Even though the topics were distributed over the whole stem cell "world" I got useful informaton from every topic.
Of course I participated myself, presenting a poster with our latest research about calcifying vascular cells derived from human iPSCs. Many people came to visit my poster and discuss strategies and ideas, which was very inspiring and helpful for me.

After the meeting finished on Saturday evening, I used the remaining time to have a look at the beautiful city of Vienna, enjoying the spring-like temperatures before heading back home on Sunday.
I really enjoyed the symposium and recommend it to incoming PhD students and PostDocs working in the stem cell field.