Proud to present the next MD from the ICG

Yesterday, Rene defended very sucessfully his MD thesis about "Suitability of the aortic ring calcification assay as a drug screening method in the context of vascular calcification". 

Congratulations to Rene! Very well done!
My thanks go also to Zouhair for the supervision!

Special thanks go to Sandra for the awesome "Doktorhut"!

It was a long journey for Rene and our institute. He started as a master student in Molecular Life Science in 2010 in our working group, defended his master thesis in 2014, he than moved on to sucessfully study medicine, started to work as a clinician in 2018 and now, in 2019, he graduated as a MD. 

We wish him all the best for his private and professional life! Hope to stay in touch.

JE & members of ICG