Tag der Deutschen Zentren der Gesundheitsforschung

After more than half a year of planning and organizing on Friday finally the "Tag der Deutschen Zentren der Gesundheitsforschung" took place at the CBBM.

Before the meeting started at 3:00 pm my presentation about the DZHK had to be finished during a break at the Campus Suite.

Meanwhile, Marina and Nadine, plus a bunch of people from ICG helped to prepare the meeting place (big thank-you). 

The meeting started punctually, however, our keynote speaker - Prof. Otmar Wiestler - was late and we had to improvise a bit by changing the order of the talks.

The event was chaired by Katrin Bohlmann, who did a very professional job.

In the end, all talks went great - although I must admit that Prof. Rabe gave the most brilliant, most inspiring speech, next to Prof. Wiestler. 

A really stimulating experience was the "Flash-Talk" session. 
19 (mostly) young scientists gave a two-minute speech as a teaser to generate interest for their posters. It was impressive to see the broad science conducted within the four DZGs at the campus (including Borstel).

Prof. Rabe, Prof. Gillessen-Kaesbach (president of UzL), Prof. Wiestler, Prof. Lehnert, me, Prof. Rupp, Prof. Kopp, and Prof. Schmidtke.

It was also great to welcome Prof. Schmidtke, member of the German federal parliament, to our event.

I hope that this was the beginning of more collaborative science between the four DZGs, DZHK, DZIF, DZL, and DZD.