Exclusive Christmas party and dinner

Foreigners couldn’t get anything better than having Christmas in Germany which is a magical place to be. 
I was obliged to be part of this wonderful event!

Yeah, it was very meet and greet merry Christmas party of our group of about 30 people. As ICG has grown to include international students, they exchange ideas, and happy to discuss their own cultures with each other. 
Such a fun filled evening bring all close together. How exciting is that!
With the courtesy of Jeanette, Marina (organizer) reserved tickets for a magic show at "Zaubertheater Lübeck" for all of the group members.

We went to the venue and amazed by the perfectly set cozy, intimate theatre. We were welcomed with sweets, definitely refreshing and energizing enough to let us proceed towards with the magic show. The entire staff was quite amiable, and they greeted us making our evening more special by making us feel special in every possible way. 

The magic show was interestingly good. Magician in this show offers perfectly presented illusions, hilarious comedy, and adventurous audience participation. From our group Matthias, Ilyas, Haider, Marlon, and Lisa were directly involved in the show by being selected to be part of the trick. And interestingly Celine got a chance to be on the stage and feels more joy to see with her own eyes that his abilities are real, while magician performs his top-notch tricks.

Time flies, while we were having fun and laughing through this amazing show and two hours passed in a flash. 

After the show we were feeling cravings, so we walked down the street towards a well-known restaurant where we had a table reserved already. It was the peak hour, and the restaurant was full of people. The decor was pleasant, the ambiance was perfect. Firstly, we were served with drinks, and for the main entree, everyone ordered according to their choice. The food was delicious, scrumptious and mouthwatering. We had great conversations around our dinner table!

When we came out of the restaurant, it was 9:30pm. 
It was awesome weather, a festive glow of Christmas brightened everything and made the environment even more fascinating. I was on beautiful walkways down the picturesque streets of Lübeck Old Town with the super lady Sandra.

In conclusion, it was great spending the evening with wonderful people of ICG and celebrating a Christmas party.

Pictures say it all.
The memories will last a lifetime.
Looking forward to another next great party ;).



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