Only 1 Month until Christmas - still a lot to do!

Christmas is fast approaching - only one month to go. 
But until christmas holidays can start we do have a lot on our plate. 

November 26th - University Workshop (done 😀)
November 26/27th - SysInflame symposium
November 30th - Tag der Deutschen Zentren der Gesundheitsforschung 
December 3rd - NCCR christmas meeting 
December 6th - ICG christmas party 
December 10th - TMF-Workshop: OMICS in Medical Research 2nd edition
December 10th - PMI StC meeting
December 11th - ProtectMove conference

Stay tuned!!

Plus a finishing two book chapters, resubmitting two paper revisions, 4 reviews, abstract reviews for DGK, plus 4 grant reviews.

Wish New Year is coming!!