Future of Genome Medicine in Germany - press briefing in Bremen

Today I was invited to join a "press briefing" organized by Science Media Center
at the "Wissenswerte Bremen".

The topic was about the future of Genome Medicine in Germany.
My colleagues Hilger Ropers, Michael Krawczak, and Olaf Riess and myself were invited by Volker Stollorz from Science Media Center to discuss this topic in front of journalist at the Wissenswerte Bremen. Each of us gave first a statement and than we answered questions from the audience. It was a vivid discussion. 

If you want to watch our statements and answers you can find us on Youtube.

Questions were asked like: How can genome medicine in this country develop further in order to find an international connection? Why would it make sense to completely decipher the genome of newborns and children with developmental disorders? What about the “Polygenic Risk Scores”, which allegedly allow predictions to be made about individual risks for complex widespread diseases? Which strategy for genome sequencing in medicine would be the most sensible for Germany?