DIE ZEIT: polygenic risk scores

On Thursday, an article has been published in DIE ZEIT about the use of polygenic risk scores (PRS) for complex diseases, like diabetes, obesity, depression, prostate cancer, educational attainment, and coronary artery disease. 

Ulrich Bahnsen, a journalist and science writer, asked us a while ago if we are interested to work with him on this interesting story.

PRS - highly discussed in the genetics field - are explained by Ulrich Bahnsen on his own 23andme data. 

Actually, "polygenic risk score" was a kind of buzz word at the recent ASHG meeting in San Diego (this I learned from Twitter). 

Ulrich Bahnsen travelled across Germany to meet experts in various fields of complex genetics like Anke Hinney for obesity, Harald Grallert for diabetes, Andre Reis for intelligence, Herrmann Brenner for cancer, Markus Nöthen for psychiatric disorders and us for coronary artery disease (special thanks go to Matthias for calculating the PRS for all the different phenotypes).

Using his own data and his very own experience make it easier for the reader to understand the pros and cons of PRS.

It seems that the time to get this story published was very well decided. 

DER SPIEGEL just published an article on the same topic but from another angle.