NCCR Retreat Tremsbüttel

Last Friday and Saturday, we attended the annual NCCR Retreat in Tremsbüttel. It was the first time we met there in summer, which everyone enjoyed much.
We heard very interesting talks about medical and scientific research in the northern DZHK groups from Hamburg, Kiel and Lübeck. Particularly interesting were the keynote lectures given by Prof. Pasterkamp from Utrecht, who talked about the definition of vulnerabe plaques, and Prof. Luft from Berlin, about the ignorance in science. Using his own scientific career he explained how science tries to find a black cat in a dark room; a very inspiring journey through a lifelong career in science.

Further, we had interesting discussions at our posters (LMV, AT), and Krishan and Beatrice gave good presentations in the saturday sessions. Beneath all the science, we really enjoyed the sunny days at the castle, as you can see on the pics above. We're waiting to come back next summer.