Leducq Meeting CAD Genomics - 2018

This year’s 2018 Leducq Foundation CAD Genomics meeting was a slightly bitter sweet meeting.

The Sweet part:  It was such an awesome meeting starting from the beautiful surrounding of our hotel!  It started with the Bioinformatics meeting on the 20th.  This part of the meeting focused on gathering all datasets and tools that were used during the successful course of the CAD Genomics Leducq.  Which in retrospect, were numerous!
Moving on to the presentation’s, great feedback was received on all presentations.  Especially because of the friendly environment where the experts in the field made valid suggestions and offered alternative ways of looking at current analysis.
From Bioinformatics we’ve moved on to functional studies reflecting genetic factors derived from GWAS studies that may drive atherosclerosis. For example, Prof. Dr. Dr. Lesca Holdt taught us quite a lot about the importance of circular RNA in the progression of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, the role of gut microbes in a variety of common diseases is becoming clearer and clearer (presented by Prof. Jake Lusis, PhD).
Besides terrific science, Prof. Dr. Daniel Teupser kindly organized a tour to the castle “Linderhof”, where King Ludwig II of Bavaria lived in the end of the 19th century. The Linderhof palace was designed in the style of the second rococo-period dedicated to the sun king Ludwig XIV of France, i.e. extremely decorative, everywhere ornaments, ~6 kg of processed gold, and a lot of porcelain. 

The Bitter part:  Although this is the last CAD Genomics Leduuq Meeting, much has been achieved reflected in strong publications founded on a solid scientific base.

Onwards onto the next challenge:  Leducq Plaqomics here we are coming…