It´s official: Funding of Plaqomics will start 2019!

Today we received the official announcement from the Leducq foundation that 18CVD02: Defining the Roles of Smooth Muscle Cells and Other Extracellular Matrix Producing Cells in Late Stage Atherosclerotic Plaque Pathogenesis will be awarded a grant starting 2019 for 5+ years.

The network website can be found here:

This is very exciting news. We are confident that our Network "PlaqOmics" is going to accomplish great things.

PlaqOmics will focus on the role of SMC, specifically in unstable lesions, i.e. erosions, thin-capped fibroatheroma or ruptured plaques.

Our overall hypothesis is that detrimental reprogramming of smooth muscle cells (SMC) destabilizes atherosclerotic plaques and that there are critical genetic determinants of coronary artery disease risk that act in part by impacting SMC phenotypic transitions.