Hendrik-Lehnert prize goes to Future E.D.M.

Today the "Hendrik-Lehnert-Preis für besonderes studentisches Engagement" (Hendrik Lehnert Prize for special student commitment) was awarded to "Future E.D.M.".

E.D.M.? That stands for "enfants défavorisés et malades", translated from French our name means future for disadvantaged and sick children. 
That is exactly the goal, "Future E.D.M." want to create better perspectives for as many children as possible in Senegal. Their main focus is on education. 

"Future E.D.M." has been founded by students of our University. Svenja, one of our MD students at the Institute, is founding member.

More information can be found on the website at: http://www.future-edm.com/

Prize winning ceremony

Members of "Future E.D.M."
We are happy and proud! Congratulations! Very well done!