Visit from Pakistan

From Thursday last week until today we hosted Prof. Baig from NIBGE in Faisalabad, Pakistan (see also my post from February 2017) at the ICG. 

It was a real pleasure and honor to have him at our Institute. Prof. Baig is the long-term mentor/supervisor of Ilyas. Prof. Baig is very successful in unravelling the genetics of monogenic disorders (like microcephaly and ß-thalassaemia) in families from Pakistan. 

We started our collaboration on cardiovascular disorders 11 months ago, and Ilyas has already found interesting mutations in selected families. Functional studies will follow.

Today, Prof. Baig gave us an inspiring and highly exciting talk about his genetic studies in Pakistan. From field trips, to collect families and counselling them, to NGS-analysis to identify novel disease genes. Very impressing studies!

Many thanks go to Ilyas for showing him around in Lübeck and Hamburg! 

Best regards to Prof. Baig, hope to welcome him again in Lübeck next year!