Marathon 2017

One of the traditions of ICG, which is participating in the Stadtwerke Marathon in Luebeck was followed again this year for the sixth time already.
ICG runners 2017: Starting from left Rene, Jaafar, Krishan, Svenja, Christian, Tiberiu, Marlon, Lukas, Tobias and Caro (in the front).

After a whole week of rain, we had very nice and sunny day for the Marathon.

ICG runners in action!

We were able to match the time from last year’s highly motivated team, below is the listing from last few marathons ICG participated:
Year of participation
Time taken to complete
Position out of teams
14th out of 117 teams
17th out of 106 teams
15th out of 132 teams
23rd out of 158 teams
19th out of 143 teams

Here is the official certificate of ICG runners for marathon 2017

At the end, I would like to thanks Jeanette for making it possible for us to participate and the whole team for participating with the whole heart. It was really a great fun and sporty Sunday.

Me at the finish line, struggling to gasp some air

A few minutes later enjoying the cold beverage ;)

We had relatively small but dedicated fan group this year!

Special thanks to Rene’s partner for being the official photographer and supporting us during the marathon.

Best wishes