"Escape Room" experience at the ICG

On Tuesday, Jaafar defended very sucessfully his PhD thesis entitled "Functional Analysis of the CAD-Risk Gene Zc3hc1". Congratulations!

It was a big event, almost full-house in our seminar room at the MFC1. 

Jaafar did a great job. First he gave a talk about his work, second he answered questions from the audience and finally he was questioned without the public about his thesis and beyond. 

However, the real challenge happened after the "official" event. 😉

Jaafar was locked into one of our labs and was challenged to solve five riddles before he could leave the lab. The challenge was inspired by "escape rooms". 
We, the audience, could watch him via a webcam in my office. It was a lot of fun.

Thanks to the team who made this happen!

Jaafar was the starter, we hope to have more PhD/MD defenses soon!!  😉

@Jaafar: All the best for your future. Hope to stay in touch!




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